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The decision of Court Martial on No. 329 Pte. P.J. Conroy, was announced; the accused was found guilty of absenting himself without leave and was sentenced to 14 days field imprisonment with forfeiture of pay.

At 8-0 p.m. the following wireless message was intercepted:-

"Admiralty reports, 8th December, "Scharnhorst", Gneisenau", "Neurnberg", "Leipzig" and "Dresden" sighted off Falkland Island. "Scharnhorst", flying flag of Admiral Von Spee, "Gneisenau" and "Leipsig" sunk. "Dresden" and "Neurnberg" are being pursued. Two colliers captured. Our casualties very few. Some survivors rescued from "Gneisenau".
Later: "Neurnberg" also sunk, believed "Dresden interned."

[Battle of the Falkland Islands]

This information was communicated to the troops of the garrison on receipt.

About 10 p.m. a fire broke out on board the Auxilliary Schooner "Samoa", which was lying in Simpsonhaven. Considerable trouble was experienced in extinguishing the flames. Damage to the extent of at least £150 was caused. An enquiry will be held into the matter.

Health of the troops satisfactory.


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