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The Administrator, accompanied by Colonel Pethebridge, visited Toma, returning about 4-0 p.m.

Captain Manning, Judge Advocate General, who has been away at Kaiwieng, returned at 4-0 p.m.

It has been decided that 250 Officers and Men will be returned to Sydney by the "Eastern", Lieut. Col. Watson in command. The force of Naval and Infantry men now on board the "Sumatra", ex Frederick Wilhelmshafen, is included in this number.

The "Matunga" will leave for Sydney to-morrow at 2-0 p.m. Attached is a list of German Officials and prisoners who will be deported by that vessel.

Private James Samuel Gray, No. 20, 'A' Coy. Tropical Unit, committed suicide at Namanula Hospital. The deceased was in an advanced stage of Pulmonary Tuberculosis, and the P.M.O. is of the opinion that he would not have lived more than a few hours. He has no relatives and his will has been made out in favor of the London Hospital.

Patients in Hospitals are progressing as well as can be expected.

Current Status: