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            After reconnoitring as above, "Sydney" will distribute half the  troops  on board her between "Warrego"                  and "Yarra". "Sydney" will then  proceed to Herbertshohe, arriving there as  early as possible and                          disembark the remaining 25 men to seize  the W.T. Station there. "Warrego" and "Yarra" will proceed                    to Kaba Kaul (4 miles East of Herbertshohe) and land their parties. "Sydney", "Warrego" and "Yarra" will                remain off these places to support the parties until the arrival of the Main Body.   Information re W.T.                      Stations; see enclos. 1.

           The Main Body will arrive off Simpson Harbour at  10 am Septr. 11th.   "Australia's" picket boats will sweep            a channel and the anchorage  in Simpson Harbour.   "Encounter" will hoist out her steam boat when                      ordered which is to be sent to "Australia".   "Encounter" will then proceed to a position 5 miles East from                Cape Tawui and look  out to the Northward. Submarines will remain North-east of CapeGazelle in                          readiness to attack any enemy ships approaching from Southward.  "Warrego" and "Yarra" will join                        "Australia" when they have completed their work off Kaba Kaul and will then be                                                       sent into anchor.
           Transports and Auxiliaries -   Will remain in Karavia Bay until ordered to proceed into harbour when                       "Berrima: will proceed  alongside pier, other ships anchoring in berths allotted.

           "Encounter" and "Protector" and Submarines wil leave their  look-out positions at such time as to enable               them to anchor in day-light, leaving harbour again at 7-0 a.m. daily.   Destroyers will proceed out of                       harbour at sunset, and patrole off the entrance, East of a line joining Praed Point and Raluana Pt.   At                   daylight one Destroyer is to proceed 10 miles to the North- east between Cape Tawui and Makada Is.,                   and 1  Destroyer to Eastward of Cape Gazelle; if anything is in sight they are  to close and examine the                 vessel, informing me at the same time.   Should there be nothing in sight they are to inform me of                         the fact and return into harbour.


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