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19th November;  "Siar" left Rabaul at 11-0 p.m., having on board Major Heritage (Military Secretary), Captain Travers (Intelligence Officer), a party of 12 under the command of Lieut. Hext, R.A.N.R. to garrison Admiralty Island, also cargo for the Admiralty and Hermit Islands. Captain Komine (Japanese) accompanied the ship as Pilot. The ship's course was directed first for Lambutju Island.

20th November:   Nil

21st November:  Lambutju was sighted at 4-0 p.m.  On this island there is a plantation belonging to Captain Komine. It was here ascertained that the vessel "Lloyd' was at Hermit Islands. At 6pm the "Siar" left for Komuli of the St. Andrews Group.  this is the head station of Hernsheim and Coy.  On arrival at 10pm the oath of neutrality was administered to 5 Germans by Capt. Travers and cargo for that station was landed. All arms and ammunition, excepting those required for protection of the Europeans, were seized.

22nd November:  Major Heritage very ill with fever. Left Komuli at 6-0 a.m. for Loringow, Government Station Manus Island (Seeadler Haven), which place was reached at 1pm, Captain Travers taking charge of force landed under Lieut. Hext. The arrival was a complete surprise, and as soon as the Government Officials noticed soldiers they gathered all the Native Police, and taking arms, ammunition an provisions made for the bush. Captain Travers was successful in capturing the head Official and explained the terms of capitulation to him, and directed him to go out and bring the other Officials and Native Police.  At first he refused to do this, but finally consented, and being placed on parole was sent out to bring in the whole force. During the interval all buildings were seized and placed under guard; the German Flag was hauled down and the British Flag hoisted in its place. Within half an hour the whole force had returned and were disarmed.  Government books and money were handed over. The amount of 634 M. 42 Pf. was found in the Treasury in addition, besides stamps and post cards to the value of 1295 M. 97 Pf., together with 405 M. in the Post Office. The stamps and post cards will be taken to Rabaul and surcharged. All rations and stores were landed, but some delay was occasioned owing to the breaking of steam crane on the "Siar". the Super-cargo (Burguart) has been the cause of some considerable trouble. One hundred bags of Government rice were left on board and will be discharged on our return. Driver Maynehan, machine gun section, was placed under arrest for being drunk while on duty. The "Siar" left for Pitelu, a small Island on the opposite side of Seeadler Haven at 5-0 p.m., leaving garrison in charge at Loringow. Pitelu was reached at 7pm; this is a small island where Capt. Komine has another plantation. Cargo for this plantation and for the Catholic Mission was discharged and sufficient water to last 6 days was taken on board.

23rd November:  Finished watering at 11-30 p.m.  During the morning Major Heritage, although still suffering with fever, landed and with Captain Travers breakfasted with Mrs. Komine. A Native 'sing sing' was held in honor of the British occupation, and Captain Travers addressed the Natives and explained the situation to them. Driver Mayneham was given 2 days detention and stoppage of pay for being drunk and disorderly at Loringow. Left Pitelu for Hares Haven at noon. Arrived of Naro at 5-0 a.m. and signalled for boat. Landed mail also a letter for the trading station to have copra ready on our return in 2 days.

24th November: Arrived at Maron, Hermit Islands, at 8-30 p.m.  Captain Travers with 3 soldiers at once landed in boat. "Siar" sent in search of a boat seen to disappear around the Island. Captain Travers administered the oath of neutrality to 4 Germans on Island


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