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At 3-50 a.m. the following message was received from the Minister for Defence: -
"Merchant Steamer "Messina" due at Rabal 24th Octr.   Detain  her until further orders are received, but in the meantime make necessary arrangements so that if required, two Officers, fifty others may proceed by her to enforce, if necessary, occupation Nauru, and bring back all the Germans as Prisoners, who are to be sent to Sydney when convenient.   In political matters party under direction representative High Commissioner, Western Pacific, but in Military operations senior Military Officer responsible."

Arrangements have been made for the "Madang" to convey cargos for the Merchants of Rabaul to Kawieng and Manatani (New Ireland), when transporting Detachment to Kawieng.   Judge Weber (German Official) will accompany Capt. Manning, and the P.M.O. (Major Maguire) has made arrangements for Captain Donaldson to carry on during his absence.

Captain Wuchert (Pondo) again reported;   he states that all is quiet in the vicinity of his plantation.

Arrangements have been made to dispose of the cargo landed from the "Siar" at Vuna Paka on the North Coast, to Mr. Jolly (British Consul) and Captain Wuchert - the New Guinea Coy. having first been offered the right of purchase, which was declined.

Seven hundred and fifty (750) extra Government Gazettes (1st issue) are being printed for sale, the majority of the  previous issue having been disposed of.

Mr. Mirrow representing Forsyth & Coy., who has been appointed Representative of the Telefunken Coy., interviewed the Administrator with reference to the machinery for the Wireless Station at Bita Paka, at present on the Kaba Kaul wharf; he asked permission to take charge of this machinery, but the Administrator, being of the opinion that the stores are of Military value, refused to give any decided answer until he had been acquainted of the full circumstances.

The message mentioned in  yesterday's diary regarding the occupation of Kawieng, and the capture of the vessels "Siar", "Matupi" and "Senta" by Expedition under the command of Major Heritage, was despatched.

The health of the Troops continues good,

Current Status: