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"A" Company :-
Major H. Beardsmore.
Lieut. C.E. Manning.
2nd Lieut. W.A. Fry..

"B" Company :-
Captain E.C. Norrie.
Lieut. S.D. Fisher.
2nd Lieut. R.H. Norman.

."C" Company :-
Captain Thorold.
Lieut. R. Partridge.
2nd Lieut. Kirke

"D" Company :-
Captain Macpherson.
Lieut. Ravencroft.
2nd Lieut. McDowell.

"E" Company :-
Captain Morrison.
Lieut. McLachlan.
2nd Lieut. Manning.

"F" Company :-
Captain Twynam.
Lieut J.E. Maughan.
2nd Lieut. Cooper.

"G" Company :-
Captain Ralston.
Lieit. Westgarth.
2nd Lieut. Quinn.

"H" Company :-
Major Martin.
Lieut. Sampson.
2nd Lieut. Sherbon.

Captain F.A. Maguire.
Captain G.E. Donaldson.
Captain B.C.A. Pockley.

2nd Lieut. H.L. Bruce.
2nd L.K. Chambers.

The work of organizing, clothing, arming, equipping and training was proceeded with vigorously, and within one week the Force was embarked on board the Transport "Berrima" at Sutherland Dock, Cockatoo Island, Sydney, as a complete self-contained unit, ready to proceed to sea on active service.

THe Naval portion of the Expeditionary Force was recruited from the States of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and  South Australia, and reported for duty at the dock as a complete unit under Commander J.A. Beresford, R.A.N., at the same time as the Infantry.

The Officers and ratings of the Naval Force were as under :-
Commander Stevenson.
Paymaster Livesay.
Officer's Steward Gosling.

Commander Beresford
Lieut. Bracegirdle.
Mr. Hunter, Signal Bosn.
Mr. Willian,  Midshipman.
C.P.O. McDonough.
P.O. Dyer.
P.O. Instance.

Lieut.-Commander Browne.
Lieut.-Commander Elwell.

Lieut.-Commander Lambton.
Lieut. Bowen.      Lieut. Read.
Lieut. Gillam.        Lieut. Cameron.
Lieut. Bond.
Sub-Lieut. Webber.   Sub.-Lieut. Hext.
Midshipman   Stirling.   Midshipman Sage.
Midshipman Hicks.       Midshipman Veale.
Midshipman Buller         Midshipman Cock.

Mt. Yeo.                  Mr. Gordon
Mr. Petterson.    Mr. Young.

The "Berrima" commenced her voyage  from  Farm Cove, Sydney Harbour, at 12.0 noon on 19th August, and after a delay of some days off the coast of North Queensland and Port Moresby,  the Expedition, escorted by ships of the Royal Australian Navy under the command of Rear-Admiral Sir George Patey, arrived at Blanche Bay, New Britain, at about 7.15 a.m. on 11th September.

At about 9.50 a.m. a message was received from the shore that a party of 25 men from the Naval portion of the Expedition, under Lieut. Bowen, which had been landed at dawn by the direction of the Admiral at Kabakaul, with instructions to locate the Wireless Station, was meeting serious opposition.   A force consisting of two Companies of Naval Reserves under Lieut.-Commander Elwell and one Infantry Machine Gun Section under Captain Harcus, the whole under the command of Commander J.A.H. Beresford, R.A.N., and accompanied by Captain R.J.A.Travers, Intelligence officer, was landed to reinforce the shore party.

At 1.45 p.m. a signal was received from H.M.A.S. "Sydney" at Herbertshohe, that nothing had been heard since early morning,


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