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At 1-0 a.m. a signal message was received as follows: -

"Please  convey following message from Burns, Philp to Mr. Lucas, Good Berth Representative: -   Navy desires Graceful (?) Moresby deliver certain Naval Stores, Suva. Wallin gone Melbourne arrange terms.   Meanwhile expedite "Moresby's" discharge and Copra load.   You may raise buying price Copra to   £12 per ton if necessary.   Sydney market ruling 16 but with reaction.   "Matunga" booking dragging.   May delay departure few days  after 14th. Prospect her extension Wilhelmshafen - Navy Board."

This message had been received previously but was repeated owing to having been incorrectly coded.

Captain Twynam left Rabaul at 5-0 a.m. in the "Lauringaw" in order to enquire into Native disturbances Duke York Island.

The Military Secretary proceeded to Herbertshohe and interviewed the Bishop of the R.C. Mission there in connection with complaint received from the Bishop and referred to in diary of yesterday's date. The matters complained of have now been satisfactorily adjusted.

Private Martin Wates, No. 433 - 27 years 4 months, next of kin Sister - Mrs. W. James, 304 Cobden Street, Redan, Ballarat, Victoria - accidently shot himself this afternoon.   The bullet shattered his thigh, and Major Maguire amputated the leg at the thigh.   The Operation was successful but the Patient succumbed to shock at 5-45 p.m.   Burial will take place to-morrrow at 8-15 a.m.   Enquiry is being held into cause of accident.

The Administrator visited Patients in the Hospital at Namanula at 8-0 p.m.; all are progressing favorably.   The health of the  troops is excellent.

Pay to the amount of    £3,000 was issued to the Troops, and  £1,000 had been paid into the Government Savings Bank.



















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