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Transmitted through the post as an ordinary newspaper.
Obtainable at all Post Offices throughout the Colony.

Vol. 1.   15th October, 1914.      Price 6d.

By Colonel W. Holmes, D.S.O., V.D., Administrator.

The occasion of the issue of the first number of the Government Gazette published since the advent of the British  Administration of German New Guinea, embracing Kaiser Wilhelmsland, The Bismark Archipelago, the Caroline  Islands, the Marshall Islands, the Marianne or Ladrone Islands, and Bougainville Island (Solomons Group), or practically the  whole of the German Possessions in the Pacific Ocean, with the exception of Samoa which has been occupied by a Military Force provided by the Dominion of New Zealand, seems a fitting opportunity for a short retrospect of the doings of the Australian Naval and Military Expedition since its enrolment.

Shortly, the object of the Expedition was to seize all German Wireless Stations in the  Pacific and to occupy German Territory as soon as possible, to hoist the British Flag and make suitable arrangements for temporary administration.

The Command of the Force, which was to consist of six Companies of the Australian Naval Reserve, a complete Battalion of Infantry at War strength, two sections of Machine Guns, Signalling Section and necessary compliment of Army Medical Corps, was offered to and accepted by Colonel William Holmes, D.S.O.,V.D., Officer Commanding the 6th Australian Infantry Brigade, on 10th August, 1914.

On the same day the Brigade Staff was organised as follows:-
Brigade Major - Major Francis H. Heritage, Commandant of the Commonwealth School of Musketry.  
Principal Medical Officer - Lieut. Col. Neville R. Howse, V.C.
Staff Capt. and Intelligence Officer - Captain R.J.A. Travers
Aide-de-camp - Lieut. Basil Holmes.
Lieut. Colonel W. Russell Watson (unattached list) was at the same time selected for the command of the Infantry Battalion.

During the afternoon of the  following day the first batch of recruits was received and sworn in, and steps taken to select Regimental Staff and other officers.
As a result of such selection the following Officers were appointed:-
Second in Command - Lieut.Col. John Paton, V.D.
Adjutant::-   Captain C. Lane.
Quarter-Master: - Captain Goodseli. [Goodsell]
Transport:-   Lieut. K. Heritage.
Machine Gun Section:-   Capt. Harcus, Lieut. Marsden.
Signalling Section:- Lieut. Sadler.

Current Status: