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SATURDAY - 2nd JANUARY 1914: [1915]

Doctors Wick, Runge and Kersten, who, up till the arrival of Medical Officers by the "Eastern", were ably assisting the P.M.O. (Major Maguire), have requested permission to remain in Rabaul for some little time. This request has been acceded to by the Administrator and Doctors Wick and Runge will remain here until about the end of January; Doctor Kersten, owing to the state of his wife's health, will not leave until some time in May.

A message was received from the "Easter" at 8-0 p.m. as follows:-
"Eastern" should arrive about 10-0 a.m. to-morrow".

Communication has also been established with "Matunga" This vessel should also arrive early to-morrow.

On the "Matunga's" departure for Frederick Wilhelmshafen, several messages for despatch by wireless were handed to the Master to endeavor to transmit to Port Moresby, owing to lack of wireless communication between Rabaul and Port Moresby. It is understood, however, that these messages were not despatched by the "Matunga".

Fresh cases of Malaria were admitted to Hospital.

Current Status: