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Owing to the heavy wind, it was deemed inadvisable to send a landing party to the Island. Company instruction was carried out on board ship.

Owning to the bursting of the sanitary tank, the supply of water for the latrines and baths was cut off for some hours. Fire hoses were used to flush the latrines until the tank was repaired.

At 4-30 p.m. a lecture on Hygiene and sanitation was delivered by Capt. Maquire, A.M.C., to all Officers.

5-0 p.m. Infantry and Inter-Company boat races were held, "A" and "F" Coys. winning the heats. The final will be rowed tomorrow.

8-0 p.m. A concert was held on the Well Deck Aft.

Reply received from Sydney that there were no mess tins available, but the Signalling Equipment which was short-shipped had been forwarded by train to Brisbane and would be brought on by the "Aorangi".

It has been decided that private letters despatched by to-morrow's mail will not be censored, only those a/d to Newspaper Offices being opened by the Censor. The newspaper matter prepared by the War Correspondents on board was carefully censored and all references to the position of the ship and probably future movements eliminated.

P.M.O. reports that there are no serious cases of sickness. Several cases of Influenza in a mild form have been reported.


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