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Friday, 16th Octr.     Expedition on board "Nusa" under command of Major Heritage, left Rabaul at 11-15 a.m.; about 25 white men on board and a few natives.

Saturday, 17th Octr.:   Entered Albakass channel at 10 a.m.; found the N.G. Coy's [New Guinea Company's] Pinnace "Grief" hidden in small bay. Major Heritage detailed party to put engine out of action. Arrived Kawieng at 2-30 p.m.. Three Cutters on sighting us put up sail, so we loosed off the 3 pdr.[pounder] twice to pull them up. Lieut. Holmes was landed at Kawieng and was met by the Secretary for the Bezirkssant [Bezirksamt - District authority]; he handed over Dr. Haber's letter and demanded the release of Consul Jolley. The Secretary said Consul Jolley would be in Kawieng at midday next day. Lieut. Holmes then proceeded to post up Proclamations, and took possession of Post Office and Bezirkssant Place, and received the keys of sake [safe?], etc. All German flags were confiscated, including the Imperial Flags at the Bezirkssant's residence. "Nusa" sailed at 9-0 p.m. for Carden Island to get the "Siarebi".

Sunday, 18th Octr.   Oath of neutrality administered to all German residents at Kawieng with three exceptions, viz. Herr John, Secretary to Bezirkssant [Bezirksamt - District authority], Herr Brucker, Agricultural Expert, and Herr Patsche, Clerk. the two latter were allowed to go on parole. The former (John) would not give his parole so was confined to his house a close prisoner. The oath was administered to 12 Germans and passes issued to them. Consul Jolley arrived here at midday. Letter sent to Dr. Stubel requesting him to come to Kawieng. Motor cycle belonging to Mr. Macio was seized today for use by Administration.

Monday, 10th Octr.   Oath of neutrality administered to two more Germans and passes issued. Mr. Jolley got word of provisions secreted in the bush and went out and brought in 1 c/s tobacco, 4 c/s salmon, 4 c/s meat, 1 c/s sugar, several packets of tea, 4 rolls lava lava, a few blankets and other articles. These articles were removed by Germans on arrival of "Nusa".

Tuesday, 20th Octr.
Report received from Natives that provisions had been removed to a place called Bagai. A line of boys were sent out to get same, and brought in 12 bags rice, 10 bottles of beer,  ½ c/s tobacco, short cartridges and other articles. A stack of firewood which had been made by Germans for the "Nusa" was burnt down tonight.

Wednesday, 21st Octr.
"Nusa" returned at 7-0 a.m. with three prizes - "Siar", "Matupi" and "Senta". All the boys were at once started cutting firewood for "Siar" and "Nusa". Dr. Stubel came in today, and Major Heritage had a talk with him. Dr. Stubel did not hand over any money or books; he wrote to Police Master Oemichen in New Hannover and also Ebert and Wiggert in Kolube, instructing all three to hand over all Government Property and money to the British Administration. Two tons of coal were found and transhipped to "Siar", also sufficient wood to take her to Rabaul. John and Patsche were removed on to the "Siar" this morning. Brucker has permission to wait and go by next boat.

Thursday, 22nd Octr.
Major Heritage decided to leave Lieut Holmes and Mr. R. Jolley with 1 Corporal and 5 men and 1 A.M.C. man here pending relief by a


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