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At 8-30 a.m. Rear-Admiral Huguet of the  French Warship "Montcalm" sent his compliments and congratulations to the Brigadier on his successful  occupation of Rabaul.   At 1-0 a.m. the Brigadier paid an official visit on the French Admiral, and on leaving the "Montcalm" received a salute of 9 guns. The Admiral intends to co-operate with the Brigadier in every manner.   He returned the call on the Brigadier aboard the "Berima" at noon.

Report was received from Lt-Col. Watson on the events of the 13th instant - Marched to Toma.   Commander Beresford also reported that he was carrying out all instructions issued respecting Herbertshohe.

Message was received late yesterday saying the "Grantala" (Hospital Ship) had brought up signalling equipment for the force from Townsville. Signalling Officer obtained the same from the "Grantala" today, and communication by way of Krater Point is being opened up between Rabaul and Herbertshohe.

Four Germans who were taken prisoners at Herbertshohe and who were on board the "Australia" and transferred yesterday to the "Berrima:", were liberated today on taking the oath of neutrality.

Lieut-Colonel Paton reports everything satisfactory at Rabaul.

The health of the troops continues satisfactory.

Current Status: