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The detailed statement, together with composition of Brigade Staff, Naval Staff, Battalion and Company Officers, is as follows:-

Total strength of Brigade (Naval):

Officers Staff 5   
   Brigade Leaders 2   
   Company 18 Total 25.
Petty Officers Staff 6   
   Instructors of Companies 6   
   Company 24 Total 36
Men Staff Nil   
   unattached 9   
   Company 401 Total 410
         Grand Total 471

Staff Officers and Ratings

Brigade Staff: Battalion Staff:
Commander Stevenson. Commander Browne.
Paymaster Livesay. Commander Elwell.
Petty Officer Blackmore. Company Officers:
Officer's Std. Gosling. Commander Lambton.
Naval Staff: Lieut. Bowen
Commander Beresford.    do   Read
Lieut. Bracegirdle.    do   Gillian
Mr. Hunter, Signal Bosn.    do   Cameron
Mr. Willian, Midshipman.    do   Bond
C.P.O. McDonough. Sub-Lieut. Webber.
P.O. Dyer.    do   Hext.
P.O. Instance. M'man Stirling
      do   Sage
      do   Hicks
      do   Veale
      do   Buller
      do   Cock
   Gunners & Warrant Officers:
   Mr. Yeo
     do   Gordon
     do   Pettersen
     do   Young.


Current Status: