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The Brigadier, accompanied by Commander Stevenson, left for Herbertshohe at 10-0 a.m. to meet the Governor as  arranged.   The motor launch took 4 hours to do the trip against a head wind.

The Governor, who was accompanied by his Military Commandant, had arrived at Noon and was awaiting the Brigadier's arrival at 2-15 p.m.

Terms of capitulation were again discussed and in a few minor points altered.   They were then signed by the Brigadier and the  Governor.   Copy of the terms  attached.

The Brigadier returned to Rabaul at 7-0 p.m., first calling on Captain Lewin "Encounter", and arranged for the following message to be sent by wireless to the Chief of the General Staff:-

Have met Govenor who states has no power formally surrender any portion of German Territory;  has agreed in writing cease further resistance, and transfer administration of whole German New Guinwa to me on following terms :-

Armed forces now in field surrender at once with military honours.

Governor leaves here on parole, no obstacles return Germany.

Officers of Regular Army remain prisoners of war.

All others on taking oath of neutrality allowed return their plantations.

Black troops join Native Constabulary now being organised.

All monies and property late Administration transferred to me.

Civil Officials not required by me, or who will not take oath neutrality, deported to Australia but no obstacle returning Germany.

Any British subjects now prisoners to be released forthwith.

Governor's undertaking does not cover any offensive action by German Cruisers, with which communication destroyed.

Am now administering  from Rabaul.

Will visit Wilhelmshafen and other parts first opportunity.

Everything satisfactory; health of troops excellent.

Supplies for population ordered through Admiral urgently required; additional rations, boots and lightest clothing for troops, also  £5,000 for  pay,

Current Status: