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H.M.A.S. "Australia"
Simpsonhafen, Now Britain,
11th September 1914.

Your Excellency;
I have the honour to inform  you that  I have arrived at Simpsonhafen with the intention of occupying Herbertshohe, Rabaul, and the Island of New Britain.
I will point out to your Excellency that the force at my command is so large as to render useless any opposition on your part, and such resistance can only result in unnecessary bloodshed.

With regard to this, I hereby inform your Excellency that I shall consider further communication by you with your Naval Forces, by means of your wireless telegraphy, as an hostile act.   Such communication must cease immediately.

I therefore desire that the town of Rabaul and the Dependencies under your control should be surrendered to  me forthwith.

An answer  should be delivered to the bearer without delay.   If you do not intend to offer resistance you should so inform  me, and give me assurance with regard to any submarine mines that may have been laid in the harbour.   Your Excellency will also be good enough to state when you will interview me or my representative with the object of transferring control.

It is desirable in the interests of yourself and of the inhabitants that this should be arranged as soon as possible.

I have the honor to be,
Your Excellency's obedient servant,
(Sgd.) George Patey.
Rear-Admiral Commanding H.M. Australian Fleet.

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