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Townsville, recommend disbandment, and reorganisation if Admiral considers further Troops necessary.   I request that Lieut. Fry loaned from this Ship to "Kanowna" as Adjutant be returned to this Force."

6.30 p.m.   Captain of "Sydney" asked Brigadier: -
"Do you wish me to make that an official message from you  re Troops?"

Reply sent at 7-5 p.m. as follows: -

At 6-45 p.m. the "Sydney" signalled Brigadier: -
"R.A.C. asks have you any orders as to administration of New Britain?"

Reply from Brigadier despatched at 7-30 p.m. as follows: -
"My orders are to seize all German Wireless Stations in the Pacific and occupy all German Territory as soon as possible, under Admiral's instructions; or failing such instructions, or in any emergency, carry out objectives of Expedition.   Further, hoist British Flag on Territory occupied with success and make suitable arrangements for temporary administration.   I have plans prepared to give effect to this."

In accordance with instructions issued, the Ship sailed without lights, and at  midnight 152 nautical miles had been covered since departure from Port Moresby.

P.M.O. reports that the force of salt water in the aft latrines is insufficient for flushing purposes.   There are no patients in Hospital, and the general health of the Ship's Company is good.

Current Status: