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28th November 1914.

Captain Hillman,
S.S. "Morinda".

Dear Sir;

In conversation with you last night, you mentioned that you were anxious, if possible, to leave Rabaul for Sydney not later than the afternoon of tomorrow, Sunday, 29th instant. As I am desirous of sending by your ship to Australia a number of Prisoners of War, and others, I would deem it a favour if you could delay your departure from this Port until Monday afternoon, 30th instant, as unfortunately I find I shall not be prepared to place the Prisoners on your vessel until that date.

I regret having to ask you to delay your departure, but in view of the large number of passengers who will travel with you if you can see your way to fall in with my request, I think perhaps the delay may be worth your while.

Yours sincerely,


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