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The "Yarra" and "Elax" arrived at 7-0 a.m. Commander Keatley immediately called on the Administrator, and was handed the coded message referred to in yesterday's diary, the interpretation of which is as follows:-

"From Rabaul you are to proceed  to Frederick Wilhelmshafen with "Elax", arriving there on Decr.  4th; "Warrego" and "Parramatta" will meet you there with orders. Cover transportation of troops to Frederick Wilhelmshafen if the Administrator desires it.  "Nusa" should accompany you. "Gabriel" if met with is to be seized and taken with you. Give out falsely destination Bougainville. Inform Colonel Holmes of your destination, and acknowledge receipt of this."

Having no definite information, the Administrator decided to send 2 Coys. Naval Reserves under Lt. Commander Bracegirdle, taking with them one field and one machine gun and one month's provisions. The "Gabriel" referred to in the message is at present in dock at Vulcan Island. The troops will be despatched by the "Nusa" and "Siar" with the "Yarra" as escort, and will leave at daylight to-morrow.

Resignations of all the German Officials at present acting in an advisory capacity for the present Administration were received by the Administrator. This step has evidently been taken as a protest against the public flogging of certain Germans which took place yesterday. The Administrator will interview these Officials at 9-0 a.m. to-morrow.

Captains Ralston and Twynam returned from New Ireland at 6-0 p.m., having with them Herr Wienand, one of the principal offenders in the assault on the Rev. Mr. Cox.

'D' Coy's troops were exercised in musketry at ranges of 25 and 100 yards.

At 9-30 p.m. the following message was received from the Defence Dept:-
"Arrange for censorship outgoing mails. Much objectionable information from troops and residents arriving here."

There are several cases of Dengue Fever amongst the troops at Rabaul, and Major Maguire, P.M.O., is at present confined to his bed.

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