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Wireless message received at 9-0 a.m. intimating that the "Australia: and "Sydney" were returning to Simpsonhafen.

The Brigadier, accompanied by Commander Stevenson, visited the White and Native Hospitals at Rabaul, and inspected the Garrison and other Quarters.   In the afternoon they visited Matupi Island.

The Government money seized by the Provost Marshall was handed over to Capt. Travers; The money has not yet been counted but is believed to amount to about 45,000 marks.

Fuel for a bonfire is being placed on the Hill called "Mother"; this will be lighted on the approach of a strange vessel.

Arrangements are being made for the Brigadier to  take up residence at Government House.

A Field General Court Martial was held for the purpose of trying No. 1052, Pte. S. Hawkes, 'D' Coy;   President Major Beardsmore, Members Captain Thorold and Lieut. Fisher;   2nd Lieut. Kirke Prosecutor.   Charge against Prisoner - "Conduct to the prejudice of good order and military discipline, by threatening a Comrade with a Pistol and using offensive language."   Finding of  the Court has not yet been received.

Court of enquiry will assemble to-morrow to enquire into 'breaking into and stealing  from Government House, and general conduct of certain of the Garrison Troops 12th to 14th September.   President Lt-Col. Watson, V.D., Members, Major Heritage (Brigade Major) and Major Ralston.

P.M.O. reports health of the troops at Rabaul excellent, and the sanitary conditions of the garrison perfect.   Water supply is meagre but good.

Copy of Routine Order No. 4 issued this  day attached.

Current Status: