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temporising in order to facilitate his escape. I therefore determined, after conculting with the Admiral, to instruct Col. Watson to march at 5-0 a.m. on the 14th (today) with 4 Companies Infantry and 2 Machine Guns Sections towards Toma - about 10 miles from Herbertshohe - and endeavour to clear up the situation and effect the arrest of the Governor.

At 6 o'clock this morning I received a wireless message from Watson through the "Encounter", which was standing by at Herbertshohe, that he had arranged with the Commander of that Ship to shell a position which he had received information was occupied in some strength between Herbertshohe and Toma, and that immediately upon the cessation of the shelling he would proceed to carry out my orders to march on Toma. 

The shelling by the ship was distinctly heard here and continued for about one hour, which should certainly have a great moral effect upon the Enemy's troops. I have, of course, received no further information yet from Colonel Watson. 

About 11-0 a.m. an English Methodist Missionary stationed on the North Coast at Kabakada, near Talili Bay, reported that a new road had lately been completed from Toma Westerly, a distance of about 90 miles, to the Port of Pondo, and that he had reliable information that the Governor and the Troops with him who had been stationed at Toma for a month past, were marching to the Coast with a view to embarking on board the German Ship "Komet" for conveyance to Frederick Wilhelmshafen in German New Guinea. This information I conveyed at once to the Admiral and steps are being taken to at once search this locality by means of Destroyers. 

This morning I arrested 20 Officials of the late German Government; men who have no other interests here and whom I consider an element of danger, as I have strong suspicion they are in communication with the Governor and the German Troops still in the field. These, together with 17 other Germans now on board "Berrima" and about 13 sent up from Herbertshohe yesterday, will be sent to the Fleet today and taken to Sydney. Many of these Prisoners aver that they are Non-combatants, but merely planters, but they are German Reservists and I have every reason to believe were engaged fighting against us, and to allow them to remain would only hamper my administration. All the Native prisoners who have been taken I am making use of for working purposes. 

The Admiral has just called to see me and states that he intends leaving for Sydney early to-morrow morning with the "Australia", "Melbourne", and "Sydney", and will leave here at my disposal the "Encounter", the Destroyers and 2 Submarines, also the "Protector", and that probably that French Warship "Montcalm" will arrive from Noumea and co-operate. 

After consultation with the Admiral it has been decided not to move my force from this place until matters are more settled, and that an expedition will then be undertaken for the capture and occupation of Frederick Wilhelmshafen in German New Guinea, but this move will not be made until after consultation with Captain Lewin of the "Encounter" and the French Admiral. 

Current Status: