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The route march to Bita Paka referred to in diary of the 5th instant was commenced at 3-0 a.m., consisting of 'D' Coy. and a Detachment of 'H' Coy. under Lieutenants McDowell and Sherbon. Warrant Officer Wilkinson accompanied the party for instructional purposes. The Troops are expected to be absent about 3 days.

The following message was received from Major Martin:-
"Greetings, all well. Motor Boat "Dolphin" badly wanted here; sent Rabaul repairs. Case new parts N.D.L.[Norddeutscher Lloyd] there ex Hong Kong. Captain Jahrin could repair and bring here. Quinine running short."

The "Matunga" arrived from Wilhelmshaven at 4-0 p.m., having on board 10 Germans, viz. 1 Prisoner, 6 New Guinea Coy's Employees and 3 Government Officials. The Deputy Administrator will see the whole of these at   9-0 a.m. on the 9th instant. Engineer Lieut. Cresswell, Fleet W/T Officer, reports that the oath of neutrality was administered to 10 Germans at Peter Hafen.

Four members of the Expeditionary Force arriving sick by the "Marunga" were attended to on arrival by the P.M.O. Three will be returned to Sydney by the "Matunga"; the fourth will be able to return to duty in a day or two.
The "Meklong" arrived from New Ireland at 4-10 p.m., having landed Detachment for garrison duty at Kawieng. Captains Fry, Manning, Ravenscroft and Twynam and Lieut. Holmes returned by this vessel. Six Germans (viz. Herr Lachmann, Asst. Surgeon & Post-master, Mrs Lachmann, Herr Brucker, Govt. Agric[ultural] Expert, Mrs Brucker; Herr Oemichen, Accountant, and Herr Phillips, Planter) were brought to Rabaul by the "Meklong". These with the exception of Phillips, are being deported to Australia by the "Matunga". The latter is being retained in connection with enquiries made into the assault on the Rev. Cox on the 26th ultimo at Namatanai, referred to in diary of the 28th idem. (Copy of Lt. Holmes' diary attached)

Lieut. Holmes, who has been temporarily administering Kawieng, reports that he had no serious trouble with the Germans there, but was compelled to take stringent measures with the Natives. He made a tour of inspection over a distance of 50 miles and administered lashes and fines to Natives causing trouble. He reports that the Natives are now quiet. The Expedition sent to Namatanai to arrest the Germans who assaulted the Rev. Mr. Cox, returned to Kawieng without the offenders, initmating that the latter had taken to the bush, taking with them between 30 and 40 Natives. They state they will offer resistance to any attempt to arrest them.

It has been decided to despatch a force of 50 men under Major Ralston and 25 Native Police under Captain Twynam to arrest these people. Expedition will leave on Monday, 9th inst

The health of the Troops is very satisfactory.

Current Status: