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The Japanese flotilla left Simpsonhafen at 1-0 p.m.  They will join their Squadron in the vicinity of Yap, and expect to proceed thence direct to Japan, arriving there about 13th January.

At 5-0 p.m. the following message was received from Captain Sakamato:-
"To Colonel Holmes - Japanese Captains thank you for kind treatment you have done them last night; they send farewell words and hope you and your Officers good health."

The "Meklong" left at 3-0 p.m. for Nissan, Fead, Cartaret, Mortlock and Tasman (Easter Islands) with supplies, etc.  Lieut. Blackett with 1 N.C.O. and 3 men accompanied the ship to administer oath of neutrality, etc. where necessary.

The following wireless messages were received:-
"Your telegram 7th Decr. Colonel Pethebridge proposed to leave Wilhelmshafen in "Eastern" 13th Decr. for Rabaul.  "Una" following. (W.8219) Secretary Defence.

"Wire conditions including rates exchange and transmission governing repayment Sydney deposits German currency made with you by Burns, Philp, also whether same charges first orders totalling approximately five thousand pounds - Secretary Defence." (W.8319)

"Pending further instructions, treasury request you not to accept further deposits German paper money for payment in Australia - Secty. Defence (W.8319)

"Is understood that Mr. Sanders, Act. British Resident Commissioner, Cunningham Islands, has instructions to issue recruiting licenses authorizing planters in that group to recruit labour in Bougainville. Commonwealth Government think such course undesirable, and have asked High Commissioner, Western Pacific, instruct Sanders not to issue licenses. In meantime Military Authorities should refuse to recognise such licenses if issued - Secty. Defence W. 8319

Fresh cases of Malaria were admitted to Hospital. Others are making fairly satisfactory progress.

Current Status: