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MONDAY - 30th NOVEMBER 1914.

At 5-0 a.m. the "Morinda" returned from Herbertshohe, having completed loading of copra. The Administrator requested the Captain not to leave for Sydney until 4-0 p.m.

The punishments awarded by the Administrator to the Prisoners implicated in the assault on the Rev. Mr. Cox, and enumerated in diary of the 28th instant, were publicly inflicted. Prior to this Dr. Weber had written to the Administrator asking that the sentence to flog the prisoners be not carried out. A petition signed by all the German residents in Rabaul was also handed to the Administrator, who publicly announced that the punishments decided upon must be awarded. After being dealt with the Prisoners were sent on board the "Morinda" under a guard.

The "Siar" returned from the Hermit and Admiralty Islands at 11-0 a.m. with Major Heritage and Captain Travers on board. A garrison under Lieut. Hext, R.A.N.R., consisting of 12 men was left at the Government Station Loringow, Manus Island. All cargo for the several trading stations was delivered, and a return cargo of copra taken on board. Attached is a copy of diary of the exhibition.

The following German Officials were brought to Rabaul by the "Siar":-

Herr Kraft  -            Commissioner, Admiralty Is.
   do  Derbsch      -  Policemaster        
Schumacher         - Medical Attendant.        
Mrs. Kraft and Daughter.

On arrival they were transferred to the "Morinda".

The "Morinda" left at 4-0 p.m. for Sydney via Samarai and Woodlark Islands, the following German Officials and Prisoners of War being on board under guard consisting of 1 Sergeant, 1 Corporal, 14 men and 1 A.M.C.   private :-
Herr Kraft  -          -  Commissioner, Admiralty Is.
  do  Derbsch        -  Policemaster         do    
Schumacher         - Medical Attdt.         do
Otto Breckner       - Keop Namatanai.
Schafer                 - Police Master, Namatanai
Dr. Braunert          - Namatanai
Hornung                - Planter, Namatanai
Phillips                   -      do           do
Paul                       - Hospital Assistant, Namatanai
Mrs. Kraft and Daughter.
No. 786 Pte. H.W. Webb - Court Martial case.

Lt. Commander Bowen, R.A.N., 4 Naval Reserves and 7 Infantry Privates were invalided to Sydney by the "Morinda".  A mail, including despatches from the Administrator was also carried.

Shortly after departure the "Morinda" signalled:-
"Pte. Conroy, 'C' Coy., is a deserter on board. Landing at Herbertshohe."
This man was brought to Rabaul and placed in guard tent pending further action being taken.


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