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At 6-5 a.m. the following signal from "Sydney' to "Berrima" and Commander of Destroyers was received:-
"New rendezvous 3 miles North Swinger Passage, Rossel Lagoon.   On arrival Admiral wishes to see Commander of Destroyers."

8-0 a.m.   "Sydney" signalled "Berrima":-
"Be prepared to send over any mails to Flagship as soon as we communicate."

The Flagship, H.M.A.S. "AUSTRALIA" was sighted at 8-30 a.m.

At 9-36 a.m. the Captain of "Sydney" signalled Brigadier:-
"O.C. Troops is not to wear Sword on going on board Flagship.

9-50 a.m. the "Sydney" signalled a general message:-
"Stop engines."

The "Australia" joined Fleet at 10-0 a.m.

At 10-10 a.m. the Brigadier, accompanied by Commander Stevenson, visited the  Admiral on board H.M.A.S. "Australia", where a Conference was held with Commanders of other Ships and Destroyers as to future movements.   The Admiral explained his orders, which provided for the occupation and garrisoning of Herbertshohe and Rabaul on the 11th September, 1914.   The Brigadier reported his proposed dispositions, which the Admiral approved of, and stated he intended to allow the Brigadier an entirely  free hand on shore.   He approved also of strength of proposed garrisons for Yap, Anguar, Nauru, and Friedrich Wilhelmshafen, but said he did not think it advisable to occupy these places immediately but that our attention should be confined to New Britain only.   The Admiral discussed with the Brigadier the events which had occurred in connection with the return of "Kanowna" Troops to Townsville.   The Brigadier handed to the Admiral his report on results of inspection of "Kanowna" Contingent, and in view of all the circumstances the Admiral concurred in Captain Glossop's action in ordering the Ship direct to Townsville after the mutiny occurred among Firemen on board.

The Brigadier returned to the Ship at 11-15 a.m.

At 12-20 p.m. the "Australia" signalled the following general message:-
"On arrival of "Murex", "Parramatta" and "Koolonga" Fleet will take up cruising order and proceed at 9 knots."

2-15 p.m. the Admiral signalled Brigadier:-
"Information has been received as follows:- At Kapanga about 10 miles South of Cape Gazelle, lives a Samoan Woman named Gracie Schmidt, who is known to be loyal to the British and would, if required, sent a message to her half-brother (Henry Cox), who lives at Rapono, close to Kabakaul, who would willingly provide at least 40 Native Guides for the Troops.   At Kabakaul is the wharf used for landing of the wireless apparatus, and from thence to the wireless station is a 12 ft road capable of carrying heavy motor waggons."


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