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At 5-0 a.m. the "Morinda" proceeded to Herbertshohe and Kaba Kaul to obtain cargo of copra.

The enquires into the Cox flogging case have been completed and a report submitted to the Administrator by Captain Manning, Assistant Judge Advocate General. The offenders have in writing admitted their guilt, and the Administrator had decided that exemplary punishment be meted out to them. He has therefore directed that a parade of all available troops of the Rabaul and Herbertshohe Garrison be held on Monday, 30th Novr., in Proclamation Square, at 10-0 a.m., when the following punishments will be publicly inflicted upon the Prisoners:-

Dr. Braunert .......30 strokes, with cane
Herr Phillips........25 do                do
Hornung..............25  do                do
Koster.................25  do                do
Paul....................10  do                do

Invitations to attend the promulgation of the sentences are being forwarded to the Heads of the Roman Catholic and Methodist Missions. All Natives, including the Police, to be confined to their quarters between the hours of 9-45 and 10-45 a.m. on the date mentioned. After the infliction of the punishment the Prisoners will be placed on board the "Morinda" for deportation to Australia.

One other person - Herr Bruckner - who was also charged, was on the evidence found guilty, and Herr Wienand, one of the principal offenders, has not yet been apprehended at New Ireland, but will be dealt with as soon as he is captured and brought to Rabaul.

The following wireless message from the Chief of the General Staff to the Administrator was received:-

"Arrange to proceed with united companies, field and machine guns and one month's provisions in vessels available, destination to be obtained from Destroyer "Yarra" on arrival about 30th Novr. Take "Nusa" and Gabriel" and any sea going motor launches available. Other Destroyers meet you there with full instructions. Have all smart island craft at Rabaul held up for one week after your departure"

The health of the troops is satisfactory.

Current Status: