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5-0 A.M. The Contractor from Townsville with supply of frozen mutton arrived, and the consignment was transferred to the "Berrima" by 5-0 p.m. Two Companies of the Naval Contingent were engaged on the work.

All Units were engaged in Physical and Rifle Exercises during the morning parades.

9-0 a.m. Three Companies of the Naval Contingent, under the direction of Major Heritage, two Companies of Infantry, Machine Gun and Signalling Sections, together with a Detachment of the Army Medical Corps, landed on Palm Island.   Mid-day rations were carried, also 5 rounds per rifle and 200 rounds for each Machine Gun. Musketry grouping practice was carried out and a considerable improvement was noticed. Two Units returned to the Ship at 4-30 p.m.

The Naval and Military Companies on board received Musketry Instruction, Rifle Exercises, and Lectures on Outposts.

10-30 a.m. Captain Glossop (H.M.A.S. "Sydney") arrived to confer with the Brigadier and Commander Stevenson.

5-30 p.m. A boat race took place A.M.C. v Infantry Buglers - the former winning.

P.M.O. reports that with the exception of Influenza, there are no cases of sickness. The supply of fresh water in the Latrines aft was not turned on according to the Time-table arranged. The meat taken on board from Townsville was inspected and found to be satisfactory, but some pieces were bruised. Complaints from the Naval Contingent's Mess re food were enquired into and found to be quite justifiable, as the food was very unpalatable.

The following message was received by H.M.A.S "Sydney" from Townsville:-

"Have you received sealed envelope for O.C.Troops from S.D.N.O. Brisbane, forwarded by "ARAMAC"?"


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