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          The signal L T will be made at 6-0 a.m. daily, when "Australia" and "Encounter" will alter  course i  point                  inwards, resuming the original course when one mile apart on G flag (naval code) being hauled down.

          The speed of the fleet will be 9 knots unless otherwise ordered by  signal.

           By day will be made by signal.
           By night "Australia" and "Encounter" will alter course without signal;   Auxiliaries will be warned before                  hand should it be necessary to alter course for Navigation purposes during the night.
          Transport to follow "Sydney" at all times, except as laid down in para. 9
          "Koolonga", "Aorangi", "Murex", "Waihors" are to follow "Encounter" at all times.

(7)    LIGHTS:
           H.M.A. Ships will show a shaded stern light only;   Auxiliaries will show a stern light only.

(8)    SIGNALS:
             All flag signals which relate to the movements of the fleet (except LT and LU) will be made by                               International Code, with the Code Pendant inferior as usual.
            By night, should it be necessary to make a signal re course or speed to Auxiliaries, it will be spelt  out                   with a shaded flashing lamp thus:-   
             "Course North ten West."
             "Speed 9 knots"
             Note - Separate instructions will be issued to Auxiliaries.

(a)      BY DAY - "Australia", "Sydney" and Destroyers will proceed and engage the enemy, Commander D. being            guided by the instructions given him verbally as to method of attack.   Transport will form astern of                        "Koolonga", "Encounter" taking  charge of Auxiliaries and lead them away from the action, keeping                        "Australia" between herself and the enemy.

(b)      BY NIGHT -   Destroyers will attack at once without further orders.   "Australia", "Sydney" and "Encounter"            will open fire; care must be taken to avoid firing on Destroyers while attacking. Transport is to                                turn away from the enemy if "Australia" is engaged.

          Should the ships become separated by reason of an action or other cause, they are to rendezvous 3 miles           East from Cape Gazelle.

          "Sydney" and Destroyers will be detached at dusk on Septr. 10th and proceed to Simpson Harbour,                       arriving there at about 3-30am Septr. 11th.   The same procedure as on August 11th will then be carried               out, "Sydney" informing me of the result of the reconnaissance.   As soon as it is light enough,                               "Parramatta" is to examine the pier (Simpson Harbour) and its vicinity with regard to its safety for Transport           to go alongside and report to me.


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