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2-35 p.m. "Australia" to General:-   [assumed to be a general message]
"Apia station call signs XA and R.I.P. and uses W.N.S. to address all Ships."

2-55 p.m. "Australia" to General:-
"Squadron will be formed up at 3-30 p.m. and proceed to meet "Parramatta"
The Admiral previously informed the Brigadier that the New Zealanders were in occupation of German Samoa.

3-52 p.m.   "Australia" to General:-
"Waihora is to take station astern of "Aorangi"; "Murex" and "Koolonga" will form astern of "Waihora".   

3-40 p.m.   "Australia" to General:-
"Take up night cruising stations."

5-20 p.m.   Captain "Sydney" to Brigadier:-
"I sent a telegram direct to Navy Office about Captain Fry, and I see the  Admiral has also done so."

5-58 p.m.   "Australia" to General:-
"Take up cruising stations."

At 8-0 p.m. the following wireless was intercepted:-
"Australia" to "Melbourne":-
"Well done, you should proceed at best speed without. As coal supply is too close, you must arrive during day."

The "Melbourne" had been instructed by Admiral on leaving "Samoa" to proceed to Nauru and demolish the wireless station at same.   This had evidently been accomplished.

During the day the Troops were engaged as follows:-
Early morning parade: Physical drill, rifle exercises.
Fore and Afternoon: Musketry Instruction, Rifle Exercises, Lecture on Sanitation and Tropical Diseases, and Inspection of Arms and Accoutrements.

P.M.O. reports that the supply of fresh water in the latrines aft is still unsatisfactory.   There are no serious cases of sickness.   During the day a commencement was made with the  administration of Quinine, a dose of 5 grains being given to all ranks, Naval and Military; this will be continued daily.

At mid-night the Ship ha sailed 212 nautical miles, making a total of 624 nautical miles since leaving Port Moresby.

At 4-15 p.m.   the Brigadier met all the Officers of the  Contingent and gave them a resume of events to date  and mentioned his intended plans for the occupation of New Britain.

Current Status: