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At 7-15 a.m. all the Officers paraded on the Flying Deck for instruction in Bayonet Fighting.

9-0 a.m. Two Coys., Signalling and M.G. Sections Infantry, together with 3 Coys. Naval Contingent, and a detail of the A.M.C. landed on Palm Island to the South of Mr Butler's selection; 14 boats were utilized, working independently in landing the force.

9-30 a.m. the Brigadier visited H.M.A.S. "Encounter" and from there landed on the Island, where he remained all day.

12 Noon. The Naval and Infantry Companies returned to the Ship - the Signalling and M.G. Sections and A.M.C. Detachment remaining on shore.

2-0 p.m. Four Coys. of Infantry were landed on the Island and went through various stages of an attack.

All parties returned to the Ship at 5-0 p.m.

P.M.O. reports that there are no serious cases of sickness, and also that the fresh water in the tanks aft was found to be brackish.

As the troops are using a very large quantity of water, arrangements have been made to cut off supply between certain hours in order to allow the Ship's Condenser to cope with the demand.

Current Status: