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in case of surrender, but the occasion arose and he had to meet it and he did so in what he considered the best way and was quite prepared to stand by it, and would do the same again to-morrow.

The following reply to the Minister's telegram was then prepared by the Administrator and the Admiral promised to despatch same:-

"The terms mentioned are those of actual surrender and have been signed.   The Governor and Officials are Civilians; all are to be sent to Australia; no guarantee that facilities will be afforded for return to Germany.   Payments under agreement are from fund of German New Guinea in my possession and are to be refunded out of German Colonial Subsidy.   Have not pledged Commonwealth revenue.   Immediate action was necessary, and, having in mind the future of the Colony under British  rule I adopted terms considered to be most advantageous to the Empire, using my judgment from the conditions I found prevailing on the  spot.   Arrangements made already provising very satisfactory."


The Administrator returned to the "Berrima" at about 10-45 a.m. and the voyage was resumed.

P.M.O. reports the health of the troops on board excellent.

At midnight the ship had sailed 259 nautical miles, making a total of 427 miles from Rabaul.

Current Status: