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THURSDAY - 3rd  September 14:

Early morning parade: Naval Reserve, Physical Drill and cleaning ship; Infantry, inspection of hammocks.

Forenoon: All Units, working independently, were engaged at Physical Training, Rifle Exercises, Musketry Instruction and Lectures.

Afternoon: All hands engaged making and mending; 4-0 p.m. inspection of arms.

Owing to the choppy nature of the sea many of the men  were suffering from sea-sickness.

At 4-45 p.m.. the following message was received from the "Sydney":-

"Minimum possible lights to be used  to-night, "particularly with regards to steaming light."

In consequence of this order the ship sailed with lights out.

P.M.O. reports that the water supply and sanitation of the Ship have been satisfactory. Only two cases remain in the Hospital and both are making satisfactory progress. Influenza still prevalent.

At mid-night the Ship had sailed 282 nautical miles, making a total of 377 nautical miles since leaving Palm Island.

Current Status: