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The Administrator, accompanied by Staff, motored to Kabakada on the North Coast of New Britain to witness a Native 'sing sing', returning to Rabaul about 5-0 p.m.

At 9-0 p.m. the following message was received from the Minister for Defence:-

To Administrator: "Eastern" with troops for occupation Islands Pelew, Caroline, Marshall and Ladrone leaving Sydney 26th November, escorted by the "Una" formerly "Komet". Expedition in charge Pethebridge, Secretary Commissioner, Pacific Islands, with rank Colonal. Will call Rabaul 5th Decr. and if necessary will disembark Troops and embark such of your Troops as you may require to deal with Bougainville trouble, and then return Rabaul embark Pethebridge's Troops, when "Una" can continue escort."

Health of Troops is generally satisfactory, although several Officers and men have been temporarily indisposed owing to Dengue Fever.

Current Status: