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THURSDAY - 1/10/1914:

Reports   received from Captain Fry, Treasurer, and Captain Ravenscroft, Provost Marshal, were gone into by the Administrator.

Lt.-Col. Watson, O.C. Troops, will proceed to Herbertshohe to-morrow.

During the afternoon the Administrator, accompanied by Lt.-Col. Watson made an inspection of defensive arrangements on the ridge South from Ratavul Pass overlooking Talili Bay.

Detached posts are to take up position here with rations for one week, in case of attack during absence of the fleet.

The Flagship, accompanied by the "Montcalm", "Sydney" and "Encounter"left Rabaul at 4-0 p.m., steaming around North-west Coast.   The Destroyers and "Berrima" are remaining for the present.

170 cases of benzine from the "Ooma" were taken on charge by the Supply Officer.

Arrangements are being made to get in touch with the Expeditionary Force sent out yesterday along the South Coast.

The motor car which was discarded by the Germans has been found and taken to Ralawut - a plantation belonging to Mr. Jolly at Kabaira Bay.   Arrangements are being made to bring the car to  Rabaul on Saturday.

P.M.O. reports that, with the exception of one case of Pneumonia, the health of the troops is excellent.

Current Status: