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Sunday - 23rd August 1914:

At 7-15 a..m both H.M.A.S. "Berrima" and "Sydney" hove to, and  a boat from H.M.A.S. "Sydney" took off Mr. Lyng, also mails.

At 9-30 a.m. Church Parade was held. The Brigadier took the  Protestant Denominations of the Military Contingent on the Well  Deck Aft; Commander Stevenson took the Navy people on the Well Deck For'd, and the Brigade Major (Major Heritage) conducted the Roman Catholic Service - Navy and Military united - on the Boat Deck.

Immediately after Church Parade the P.M.O. [Principal Medical Officer] carried out a second inoculation against Typhoid of the Military Contingent.

At 11-45 a.m. the Machine Gun Box containing spare parts, which had been removed from the Isolation Hospital, was reported as found, and a further examination of the plan found in the Aft Latrine, and mentioned in yesterday's diary, proved to be a plan of the Latrine arrangements on the Hospital Ship "Aorangi", and had evidently been left by someone while our Ship was at Cockatoo.

During the afternoon the men were issued the following equipment:-

  • Helmet.
  • Knife.
  • 'Housewife'.
  • Tooth & Hair Brushes.
  • Comb.

Whitsunday passage passed at 5-0 p.m.

The P.M.O. reports that there are no serious cases of sickness although about 185 minor cases were reported.

[Note that Col. Holmes was referred to as the Brigadier]

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