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At 12-30 a.m. the following message was received from the Secretary , Defence: -

"State amount of gold, silver and notes taken over separately, and whether you treat notes as legal tender."

Commander Beresford, O.C. Garrison at Herbertshohe relinquished duty and was admitted to Hospital at Herbertshohe suffering from Thysis.   Lieut. Bracegirdle will take charge of the  Garrison pending other arrangements being decided upon.

The decision   of the  Court Martial on No. 391 Pte. J.R. McDonald. and No.265 Pte. S.J. Pitt were announced; McDonald was found guilty of committing a robbery in the Chinese Quarters, Rabaul, and was sentenced to 3 years penal servitude and discharged with ignominy from His Majesty's Service.   Pitt was found guilty of breaking and entering and was sentenced to 14 days field imprisonment with forfeiture of pay.

At 7-30 p.m. the following message was despatched to Navy Office: -

"Conrad Eitel never German Reservist; born Hong Kong.   Has rendered very satisfactory service."

This was sent in reply to a message received on the 28th October making certain enquiries respecting Conrad Eitel, who is a member of the Expeditionary Force.

At 9-24 p.m. the following message was received from Navy Office: -

"Report condition all wounded."

Health of  Troops continues good.

Current Status: