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At 7-15 a.m. the following message having been received, all Ships hoisted the required Flags: -

"Flag. to General: -
Following received from Navy Office: - Following telegram received from Admiralty: -   In view of dangerous similarity between the white ensign and the German naval ensign, all His Majesty's Ships and Vessels when at sea during the present war are to fly in addition to white ensign at the ensign staff or its equivalent, at least one Union Jack in a conspicuous position on or near the foremast or only mast, using spar or other projection as convenient.   Destroyers are to fly Union Flag at the yard arm.

At 8-20 a.m.   the Flagship signalled the 1st Division of the Fleet: -
"Proceed at 13 knots."

At 9-25 a.m.   Flagship signalled O.C. Troops as follows: -
"Please inform whether you have any expert Telegraph Operators amongst your men."

Reply sent at 1-2 p.m: -
"Have two experts only, one required for Machine Guns. Have 5 others with working knowledge."

At 10-12 a.m.   the Flagship signalled "Berrima":-
"Forward first opportunity lists of duplicate of supplies to "Kanowna."

Very few medical stores had been transferred; all other stores and supplies were taken from the ship from Naval supplies.

11-30 a.m. the Flagship signalled:-
"How much coal are you short now, and how many days will your present coal last at 13 knots."

Reply despatched:-
"1165 tons short - 16 days at 13 knots."

and at 12-30 p.m. the Flagship further signalled "Berrima":-
"You will probably have 8 days steaming at 13 knots, after leaving Rabaul on about 15th.   Do you wish to coal before doing this.

"Reply - Submitted:   It would be desirable to coal  before leaving Rabaul."

From this it would appear that the Admiral intends we should proceed to Yap, although he has previously intimated that for the present we would not go further than Rabaul.

3-40 p.m.   Flagship to "Berrima":-
"On arrival off Rabaul about 7-0 a.m. your motor boat will be required in charge of a responsible Officer.   She is to be lowered when ordered and proceed alongside Flagship.   She will take her orders from the Officer in charge of sweeping operations.   Boat's crew should take

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