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No report received from Commander Beresford of operations of 11th and 12th instant.   Reminder sent and report promised to-night.

The ceremony of breaking and saluting the flag and reading Proclamation was carried out with due ceremony in  the presence of the Admiral and Officers of the Fleet, German and Native population.   A temporary flag staff was erected in a cleared space or park in the town close to the wharf, and all available troops and native police were formed up in three sides of a square facing  the flag.   The programme  carried out was as followed: -

2-15 p.m.    Markers on parade ground.
2-45 p.m.    Parade formed up under Lt.-Col. Watson V.D.
2-50  p.m.    Brigadier arrives - General Salute. Brigadier then takes salute.
2-55 p.m.   Admiral arrives - Brigadier gives general salute.
3-0 p.m.      Flag broken.   Royal Salute by troops.
                          Royal Navy fires Salute from guns.
                          "Slope arms" : "Order arms".                          
                          National Anthem sung by troops, - time given by Brigadier
                          "Rifles over" (men seize muzzle of rifle with left hand).
                          "Hats off"
                          "Three cheers for His Majesty the King". - time given by  Brigadier.
                           Brigade Major reads Proclamation.
                           Brigadier takes up station at garrison.
                           Head Quarters marked by Union Jack.
                           Troops under Lt.-Col. Watson march past in column of route, R.A. Navy leading, and thence to private parades.     

At 3-25 p.m. message received from "Protector" Germans advancing on Herbertshohe and Kaba Kaul - they are within two miles of this place.        
Two Coys. Infantry under Lt.-Col. Watson  sent to Herbertshohe by "Encounter" to reinforce garrison.
Attack was made on garrison but not very serious.   

At 5-0 p.m. Cyclist Orderly  returned with letter from Acting Governor at Baining in reply to Brigadier's letter.   As such reply was unsatisfactory and Governor appeared to be merely temporising, Brigadier decided to instruct Col. Watson with 4 Companies Infantry and 2 Machine Guns to march from Herbertshohe at 5-0 a.m. to-morrow to Toma  and effect arrest of Governor.   The Admiral concurred in this proposal and Colonel Watson instructed by wireless through "Encounter" to act accordingly.

At 9-0 p.m. Brigadier conferred with Lt.-Col. Paton O.C. Garrison, Capt. Twynam, (Police), Capt. Manning (Judge Advocate), Capt. Ravenscroft (Provost Marshal) as to the work of the day.

Brigadier directed that all German Government Officials in town be arrested early to-morrow morning and sent on board the "Berrima" as prisoners.   These men are now unemployed and are an element of danger and are suspected of conveying information




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