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26 - 28th Sep 1914


My dear Colonel

I have jotted down a few notes as you wish which may be of assistance to you. They are short, but in a final dispatch recommending to the favourable consideration of the Military Board certain names it is usual to only give very brief mention. Often nothing being said except mentioning the names of the fortunate ones.

I have not said anything about the Naval portion but perhaps Beresford and Bracegirdles names is indecipherable] Garrison at Herbertshohe should be given.  The formers performance in action had better be left out. Bond showed dash in action and Lambton is Kings Harbour Master.  I think [all?] about all that are worth mentioning

A mention in despatches means so much to a soldier that perpaps I have mentioned too many names or you may find it better to make different mentions to those I have suggested.

I am feeling very nervous of my chances of going with you again - It would break me up to be left behind.

Yours sincerely
Francis Heritage

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