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A wireless message was received from the "Encounter" as follows: -
"Regret I was unable to comply with your request but do not consider there is any risk molestation from the  "Komet". "Sumatra" and "Nusa" could prevent that if it is necessary."

The Ex-Governor (Dr. Haber) visited the Administrator at 10-0 a.m.   The Administrator had previously written a letter to Dr. Haber pointing out that it would be impossible for him to pay 3 months salary to the Officials as agreed upon in  terms of capitulation, the funds as handed over being insufficient to carry out administrative  work. Dr. Haber pointed out that he was totally ignorant of this when terms of capitulation were signed, as he had no idea of the amount of money required and the amount handed in.

A report was received from the Roman Catholic Mission at Malakuna that 3 soldiers visited the Station at 9 o'clock last night and stole money, drink and cigars.   The matter is being enquired into by Lt-Col. Watson.

In the afternoon Dr. Haber returned by motor car to Herbertshohe, accompanied by Captain Travers and Lieut. Holmes.

The patrol sent to Bita Paka reports all quiet in the vicinity.

Commander Beresford is building splinter-proof trenches at Herbertshohe in case of an attack by German Warships.

Health of troops at Herbertshohe and Rabaul excellent.

Current Status: