Item 10: General William Holmes diary, 23 August 1914-22 February 1915 - Page 102

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At 9-0 a.m. the "Australia" signalled that the oil ship "Murex" was leaving for  Sydney and a mail would be despatched by this vessel.   Secret documents were to be on board the Flagship by 4-0 p.m.   An opportunity is being given to deport Prisoners under a  guard by the "Murex".

Pay to the amount of    £588-10-0 was issued to the troops at Rabaul.

In terms of the agreement entered into by the Governor with the Brigadier, the Enemy Forces surrendered to Major Heritage at Herbertshohe at 10-0 a.m.

At 2-30 p.m. the first batch of prisoners arrived by the "Madang"; this vessel then returned to Herbertshohe for the  remainder of Prisoners, arriving at Rabaul at 6-0pm.   The total surrendering was - 7 Officers, 37 N.C.Os and men and   about 120 Natives.   The Natives were left at Herbertshohe.   There are also 11 Officials at Herbertshohe, including the Governor, who will report at Rabaul at 9-0am to-morrow; 7 other Officials are on route with baggage.

Information was supplied by the Governor that a force of 40 Reservists had landed in Kabaira Bay from Friedrich Wilhelmshafen and were marching on Toma.   They are being informed by the Governor of the terms of capitulation and directed to surrender.   Lieut. Sampson with a  ½  Company Infantry is at Toma  awaiting their arrival.   The "Australia", "Encounter" and 2 Destroyers left this afternoon to try and capture the ship used as transport from Friedrich Wilhelmshafen.

Captain Travers (Intelligence Officer), accompanied by the Interpreter (Mr. Lyng) are going on board the "Encounter" at 7-0 a.m. to-morow and will go into  Friedrich Wilhelmshafen under a flag  of  truce and demand surrender of this place.

The Troops on board the  "Berrima", escorted by the "Australia", "Montcalm" (French Flagship) and "Encounter" are leaving for  Friedrich Wilhelmshafen to-morrow at 9-30am.

It has been reported that several Native Police have deserted owing to interference by German Prisoners on parole.   The majority of these prisoners have been brought on board the "Berrima" under arrest to prevent this.

Reports received from Rabaul and Herbertshohe are satisfactory, and the  health of the troops in both places is excellent.

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