Item 10: General William Holmes diary, 23 August 1914-22 February 1915 - Page 36

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"Berrima" to "Sydney" - 26-8-'14:
Request following may be made to Garden Island:   "Mess tins and Signalling equipment for Brigadier Holmes' Force were not delivered by Ordnance to the "Berrima".   Suggest despatch "Aorangi" or Brisbane for that Ship to pick up."

"Sydney" to "Berrima" - 27-8-'14
Following received from Sydney:   "Signalling Apparatus despatched to Brisbane by last night's mail, 26th August.   Mess tins not procurable, but pannikins and tin plates were supplied in lieu and are on board."

"Sydney" to "Berrima" - 30-8-'14
"Military Signal Equipment was despatched to Senior Ordnance Officer, Brisbane, by rail on 26th August.   He appears to have stuck to it.   District Naval Officer, Brisbane, has been requested to arrange for transmission."

"Aorangi" to  "Berrima" - 31-8-'14
Reply to Brigadier re Signalling Gear:   "No".

Garden Is. to Sydney - 27-8-14
"Signalling Stores were despatched to Brisbane by Express last night, 26th August.

Naval Brisbane to Sydney - 30-8-14
"Military Signalling equipment not received; will forward on receipt."

Garden Is. to Sydney - 30-8-14:
"Military Signalling Equipment for "Berrima" was despatched Senior Military Ordnance Officer, Petrie Terrace, Brisbane.   District Naval Officer, Brisbane, has been requested to arrange transport to you."

Naval Brisbane to Sydney - 30-8-14:
"Military Signalling Equipment received by Senior Ordnance Officer, 29th August - too late for shipment.   Shipping by "Canberra" Tuesday C/o Senior District Naval Officer, Townsville."


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