Item 10: General William Holmes diary, 23 August 1914-22 February 1915 - Page 35

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MONDAY - 31st AUGUST 1914:

All Companies were engaged at Physical and Rifle  Exercises   during the early morning parade.  

9-0 a.m.   Three Companies   of the Naval Contingent, under direction of Major Heritage, one Company of Infantry,  Machine Gun and Signalling Sections, and a few details who had not completed Musketry, together with a Detachment of the A.M.C., landed on Palm Island.   Mid-day rations were carried, also 5 rounds per rifle and 200 rounds for each Machine Gun.   Musketry was carried out, and the Infantry Scouts received instruction.   As each Company finished shooting it returned to the Ship on account of the  rain.   The Companies remaining  on board received Musketry instruction and Rifle Exercises.

10-30 a.m.   The Brigadier visited patients in the  Hospital and those confined to their cabins.

11-0 a.m.   One bag of mail was received from the "Aorangi" and mail matter distributed.

4-30 p.m.   A message was sent to the "Aorangi" asking if the signalling gear mentioned in yesterday's diary was on board that Ship, the reply being "No".   A message was also received from the "Sydney" as follows:  

"We shall proceed to Port Moresby.   Will Brigadier give orders now or await till we arrive?"

Reply was sent: -

"Brigadier prefers await arrival Port Moresby before issuing orders."

Later a message was received from the "Sydney" stating that the Submarines would join us here and we would await their arrival before departing.   It is probable we will move from here on Thursday, 3rd September.

10-30 p.m.   A wireless message was received by the "Sydney" stating that the Townsville Contractor with the supply of frozen meat had just left   and would arrive at 5-0 a,m, to-morrow

A small mail boat is being despatched by this boat.

P.M.O. reports that there are no serious cases in the Hospital at present.   Influenza is still prevalent.   Shower baths are now being opened up aft.

Appended are copies of messages received and despatched re Signalling Equipment: -

Brigadier to Commandant, Brisbane - 21-8-'14:
"1045 Mess Tins and Signalling Gear for a Regimental section, supposed to have been shipped by Ordnance, cannot be found on board.   Can you supply and send to reach "Berrima" lying off Pile Light, Moreton Bay, before 10 to-night."

Sydney to Berrima".   26-8-14:
Reply from Garden Island:   Nothing known by local authorities as to stores left behind;   request further information."


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