Item 10: General William Holmes diary, 23 August 1914-22 February 1915 - Page 182

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Commander Beresford, who is in a rather weak condition, was today transferred from the Hospital at Herbertshohe to Mananula Hospital. His case has been diagnosed as Acute Pulminary Tuberculosis, and the P.M.O. has recommended that he be invalided to Australia first opportunity.   He will return by the "Matunga".

The decision of the  Court Martial on No. 33 Sergeant W. Leslie, and No. 570 Corporal C.D. Collier were announced.   Leslie was charged with conduct prejudicial to good order and military discipline, but a verdict of 'not guilty' was returned.   Collier was found guilty of unsatisfactory conduct and was reduced to the ranks.

The health of the Troops is excellent.

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