Item 10: General William Holmes diary, 23 August 1914-22 February 1915 - Page 83

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                                            MONDAY 7TH SEPTEMBER 1914:

   At daylight No. 4 Company of Naval Reserve, together with Detachment of the A.M.C., were transhipped to          H.M.A.S. "Sydney".

   Early morning parade:   All Units Physical Drill.

   Forenoon:   Rifle Exercises, Musketry Instruction, and Lectures.

   Afternoon:   Musketry Instruction, Semaphore Signalling and Rifle Exercises.

   6-15 a.m.   The "Kanowna" was under weigh, followed by the Submarines at 6-20,   "Berrima" at 8-15,                  "Sydney" 8-2, "Encounter" at 8-4, and Destroyers at 8-15; at 8-55 a.m. the "Kanowna" and "Aorangi" joined the    Fleet at Granville;   9-5 a.m. general signal received "Ships in column 4 cables apart".

  12-45 p.m. the "Kanowna" hoisted "Not under control balls", and at 12-52 p.m. the "Berrima" signalled                "Sydney" - "Submitted: "Kanowna" has hoisted "not under control balls".   The "Sydney" then hoisted signal        "Disregard" and hauled out of line, returning to "Kanowna".   The "Berrima" at once joined up with the  "Encounter"  at 12-57 p.m., receiving signal to take up position 4 cables astern of the "Encounter" at 1-10 p.m.   The "Aorangi" was signalled to take up position 4 cables astern of the "Berrima", and the three Ships proceeded    in this order at 10 knots.
   During this period the "Kanowna" was hove to with the Destroyers near by, the "Sydney" returning to her at full    speed.   Part of a signal from the Destroyers to the "Sydney" was intercepted, which read: -
   "Kanowna" out of control, mutiny (word missed) food".

   At 4-25 p.m. the "Sydney" and two Destroyers rejoined the Fleet, the "Kanowna" being conspicuous by her          absence.

   4-30 p.m. Captain of "Sydney" signalled Brigadier: -
   "I have sent "Kanowna" direct  to Townsville".

   At 4-50 p.m. Captain of "Sydney" further signalled Brigadier: -
   "Would you like any message transmitted with regard to troops?"
   Reply from Brigadier sent at 5-15 p.m., viz:-
   "Can you give me further information with regard to situation in "Kanowna" to enable me to reply to your                 Question?"

   5-28 p.m.   Captain "Sydney" to Brigadier:-
   "It was only the Firemen who mutinied; there were volunteers from the Troops to do the stoking. I suggest that       the Trainees be disbanded and if more Troops required seasoned men medically passed be employed."

   5-50 p.m.   the Brigadier despatched following reply:-
   "I consider "Kanowna" detachment as at present constituted and equipped unfit for immediate  service, and in       view of to-days events and your action in ordering ship to

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