Item 10: General William Holmes diary, 23 August 1914-22 February 1915 - Page 212

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The Garrisons at present in Rabaul and Herbertshohe are as follows:-

RABAUL: O.C. Lt. Col. Paton.
                 3½ Coys. Infantry
                 Machine Gun and A.M.C. Detachments.

HERBERTSHOHE:   O.C. Lieut. Cameron. R.A.N.R.
                                  1 Coy. Naval Reserves
                                   Machine Gun and A.M.C. Detachments.

No wireless messages were received or transmitted.

Five (5) cases of Court Martial were in progress today. The decisions will be mentioned as they are announced.

The health of the Troops is satisfactory.

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