Item 10: General William Holmes diary, 23 August 1914-22 February 1915 - Page 211

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The Administrator visited, per motor launch, the Sulphur Springs in Matupi Harbour, and afterwards proceeded to Vulcan Island to inspect a residence built by the German Government immediately prior to the War. It is understood that this Island was intended as a quarantine for animals. 

In reply to message received on the 30th November from C.G.S., requesting particulars of Officers and Men willing to re-engage for service in these parts until the end of the War, the following message has been prepared for despatch:-

"Secretary Defence:

Names, etc. willing remain end of war; Staff - 
Ravenscroft, Provost Marshal; Manning, Native affairs; Whittle, Director Works, one other.                                     Naval Officers - Bracegirdle, Gillam, Webber, Buller, Young, Hunter, 10 Petty Officers, 22 others;                       Infantry: Officers - McPherson, McDowell, Quinn, Bruce, and five provisional Lieuts, 8 Non-commissioned Officers, 25 others. These are from garrisons New Britain, and Bougainville, comprising 2/3rds force; anticipate numbers from other garrisons same proportion."

No notice has been taken by Port Moresby W/T Station of our repeated wireless calls. 

A disjointed message was received, but unintelligible; it has apparently been despatched from Frederick Wilhelmshafen. 

Health of the troops excellent. 



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