Item 10: General William Holmes diary, 23 August 1914-22 February 1915 - Page 202

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'C' Company's Troops were exercised in musketry grouping and application work at ranges of 25 and 100 yards.

The Masters of the "Siar" and "Senta" were brought before the Administrator for interfering with the Native Crew on the latter vessel and removing rice. They were severely reprimanded by the Administrator and given one hour to return the rice and the Native Crew. this was effected within the time stipulated.

Mr Komine, Japanese Boat Builder, will accompany the Expedition to Admiralty Island, where he has a Plantation. He will act as Pilot for the Ship.

At 4-0 p.m. the "Samoa" left for Humboldt Bay in Dutch New Guinea. This vessel has been chartered by the Firm of Hamburgishe Sudsee-Aktiengesellschaft at £20 per day, which amount is payable to the Administration, and is proceeding to Humboldt Bay to pick up stores landed there for the Firm by Merchant Steamers, and take the same to Hermit Island and Kawieng.

The following wireless messages were received and despatched:-

7-50 p.m. Major Martin, Wilhelmshafen, to Administrator:-
"Urgently want boat for patrol work: can man it from here. All going well. Health Troops good..."

to which a reply was despatched at 10-0 p.m.
"Major Martin: No launch available here. endeavor requisition one locally."

7-55 p.m. Administrator to Pethebridge, Melbourne:-
"My 1930, 13th inst., asking for £3,500 for pay should read £4,500 and same monthly."

9-48 p.m. Administrator to Pethebridge:-
"Send first opportunity 3 pairs field surgical panniers; 3 pairs field medical panniers; 6 medical comfort panniers; 3 bon operation preparatory; 20 gals. methylated spirits."

Health of troops satisfactory.

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