Volume 66: Macarthur family correspondence relating to land, 1819-1881: No. 275

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(being at the rate of 10s/- per Acre for 5700 Acres, or on the payment of an annual Quit Rent of £142.10.- redeemable at 20 years purchase, which is equivalent to a ready money payment of £2850.

Lord Bathurst has further directed that Mr MacArthur be required to enter into a Bond to the Treasurer of the Colony, under the Penalty of £10000 Sterling, upon condition, -

First, that he will within three months from the date of any notice to that effect, resign to the Government 600 Acres, part of the 10,700, for the erection of a Church, or School House, or a Glebe, provided that Mr Archdeacon Scott shall represent within six months from his arrival in the Colony, that such Land is desirable for those

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