Volume 66: Macarthur family correspondence relating to land, 1819-1881: No. 107

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Estate on such a title.

We are anxiously looking out for letters particularly to hear about the Insurance of that unfortunate vessel "The Gowie". Dr Bowman has just written that the Brougham is arrived - left England in Sept - No letters for us - but that the [indecipherable] is on her passage from the Derwent and that she has letters for us I hope - J W Field is dismissed it seems, but nothing is said of the other reptile, I trust we shall be relieved from other plagues - I must give uses I am in bed and in great pain - I say nothing of the Commissioner's report until I see the conclusion - except that I am not satisfied with his saying that 

[cross hatched]

I have received greater encouragement than any other person, because both he & Mr Scott knew that few if any facilities were given to me by the Governors -

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