Volume 66: Macarthur family correspondence relating to land, 1819-1881: No. 022

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of general advantage than can be expected from the prosecution of any other place. Whilst adverting to this part of the subject, I trust it will not be considered irrelevant to state, as shewing how far Govts are immediately benefitted by these pursuits, that he had in his service, during the last year, one Hundred & Twenty convicts, who were wholly fed & clothed at his own expense, and employed in those regular & laborious occupations which seem best calculated to restore them to correct & useful habits. Calculating the charge of these men at Twenty Three pounds each per annum, the lowest sum for which they can be supported in the Colony, your Lordship will see that the annual saving to Govt will amount to Two Thousand Seven Hundred & Sixty Pounds.

I will further venture to assure your Lordship, that altho' Tracts of land of greater extent are possessed by Several persons in the Colony, yet no one has hitherto relieved Govt from the burthen of as many Convicts, or employed a larger capital in the promotion of objects calculated to diminish the public expenditure.

The fleeces recently imported into this Country are allowed to be superior to Spanish and



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